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Millions of Buyers will have Your Business

Information at their Finger Tips!

Dr. Lydie is the "Suze Orman of Law"

Dr. Lydie provides reliable legal and business expertise that every business in America should have access to in this day and age.  

Entrepreneurs need a legal expert on their team if they are going to succeed1 Dr. Lydie provides New York City, Wall Street expertise. It does not get better than that!

And she sings! She really does. What a combination of brains, experience, and a rock-blues singing voice.

American entrepreneurs need Dr. Lydie. Just like American families need Suze Orman's financial knowledge. Now Dr. Lydie is providing affordable legal expertise for American businesses to succeed!

This is How Your Business Will

Be Profiled in the Book 

1) A full one-page business profile about your business and a legal business question that you would like answered.

 2) Dr. Lydie will edify how you serve others in your business and answer the legal question that you asked.

3) Dr. Lydie will recommend that the Home Shopping Network Buyers contact you to purchase your service(s) or product(s).

4) All your business contact information will be displayed on your business profile page including (website, email, phone etc).

Dr. Lydie is America's Success Partner

Every business needs a team of experts that they can rely on to guide them to success. What has been missing for the vast majority of entrepreneurs is legal expertise that they can rely on at an affordable price.

The business landscape has changed. Businesses have moved to the digital landscape and social media is no longer social but is where business is conducted 24 hours a day on a global level.

Regulation is adapting to the change by requiring business websites to be compliant with copyright and trademark policies, cookie statements, privacy terms, and standard terms of use. Welcome to the new age of business.

"Dr. Lydie is an integral team member of every business and is your success partner in this new digital business world!"


Millions of Buyers Will Know About You! 

Millions of Buyers Will Know About Your Business!

Millions of Buyers Will Know How to Contact You Directly!


Millions of Buyers Will Know About You

Millions of Buyers Will Know About Your Business

Millions of Buyers Will Know How to Contact You

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Dr. Lydie cares about everyone. She is my lawyer because she protects her clients and looks for opportunities to grow our business. She is not only my lawyer but has become a family friend.

– K.D. Wagner, M.A.

CEO | Gold Star Matrix I

I heard Dr. Lydie speak at an internatinal conference and I knew immediately that I wanted to work with her. She has redesigned my business contracts to protect my interests while being fair to my clients.

– Eric Zuley

CEO | EZWay Wall of Fame

Dr. Lydie is amazing! She not only provides excellent legal advice that I can rely on to grow my business, she also provides extremely informative legal and wealth development courses to give me the insight that I need.  

– Judith Ojo, M.P.A.

CEO | Let's Talk All Things H.R.


Dr. Lydie is my lawyer because she cares . I have had her speak at my events several times and the audience is always deeply appreciative of her.  I appeciate her knowledge and her willingness to always be supportive.

– Quynh Vo

Founder | Money Mastery Formula

Dr. Lydie is a client who is now my lawyer because she helped me realize how important it is to protect our media assets. I knew it but I didn't do it. She showed me the true value of m y social media assets for my brand.

– Dannella Burnett

CEO | Elite Encore Events

The first time I heard Dr. Lydie speak I said, "she's the one!" Her honesty and her humbleness touched everyone. I knew that she was the lawyer I needed to redisgn my contracts. She did an amazing job. I am building her app!

– Robert Evans

Co-CEO | App Bros Designs


I have known Dr. Lydie for many years. She renegotiated my contract with the hospital and got me flexible hours to be home more with my family and  she got me a higher salary. Wow!

– Dr. Thomas Toussaint, M.D.

Founder | Pelvic Laser Institute 

Dr. Lydie was recommended to me by a friend. I had a bad experience with a lawyer in the past. Dr. Lydie is totally different! It is clear that she cares about entrepreneurs and what we are creating. I hired her immediately.

– Amy Thomson

Founder | The Free Flow Creative

Dr. Lydie hired me to do her marketing. I believe that she is the best kept secret! I realized quickly that I needed her for my own business. I recommend her to clients all the time and they recommend her to their clients!  

– Dr. Sony Jackson

CEO | Let the Sunshine In

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